School Summer Holidays!


School days come, school days go. Holidays are back and it is time for parents to be reunited with their lovely daughters and sons, who have been away at boarding school.

Holidays are meant for everybody to rest and have fun with friends and relatives. However, it is summer in Malawi and rains have just started so some students hate this holiday as they are being kept busy by parents who need them to help with farming activities.

“I enjoy most of my holidays because there is little work that does not involve me too much, but this one is different. I have to wake up very early in the morning, do household chores and then go out to the farm help my parents, only to come back very tired” laments Sphiwe Mwale, our scholar from Kafukule secondary school.

Despite this work, all our students are excited about being reunited with their relatives and friends. “I have missed my mum and dad and I can’t wait to join the rest of my family members and enjoy the holiday together. The only thing I will do is to contribute to anything the family plans to buy and do during this Christmas but nothing special for myself”, explains Lanai Malua a female teacher at Bindu primary school. Lanai, like other young female teachers is very ready for a get together with her family, as she works very far from her home village.

The one month holiday began on the 9th of December, 2011. I am sure many people in the US are also beginning their holiday and visiting loved ones for Christmas, just like we are in Malawi.

It doesn’t matter how we spend our holidays because a holiday is a holiday! I am off to see my mum and I am taking with me some presents for her! Enjoy your Christmas holiday period!