Farming – a Family Commitment

Clouds keep on gathering, the soil is continuously being soaked and shops selling farming materials are at the maximum of their business – farming at its best! Farming is an activity no Malawian can shun away because agriculture is the back bone of our economy.
No families need to be reminded that the best thing they can give to their family and dependants are food. When you meet people on the streets at this time of year they always talk of rains, farming and food!
It is one of the bad times for school going children as their parents give them little or no space to do their studies and home work. Instead of resting from a long tiring school session, parents take advantage of this holiday to make sure that children are fully involved in farming activities. This is also one of the times when child labor is high as farm owners look for cheap labor and children are best customers on this. 
Through Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) groups our women have been able to purchase farming materials and this will help boost their harvest and thus lifting themselves and their families out of hunger.
Many farmers in Malawi and Kasungu in particular are small scale farmers and as such they can’t afford buying farming machines to ease the work loads and so farming depends largely on the family’s commitments and man power! With the help of better savings though, these families are sometimes able to pay other people to assist with the labor, which helps ease the burden on the families, especially children.