The Girl Effect


Education enhances life. It can end generational circles of poverty and diseases and provide a foundation for sustainable development. Many girls in Kasungu are denied the chance to get an education which condemns them to a life of missed opportunities.

Some parents force the girls into early marriages just to run away from their parental responsibility. They think when she is married whether to an old man or a polygamist then all the responsibility is transferred to the husband.

Employment in labor field of Tobacco production is also high in Kasungu where families and parents are employed. The risk here is that during the peak months of Tobacco production, some parents and guardians would prefer sending a boy child to attend classes and have the girl assist them for the whole day or even a week without attending classes. And farming in Malawi is seasonal – it is not guaranteed that one may continue working on the same farm year after year.   Therefore, the child would continue wandering around with her parents in search of good pasture which also affects her concentration and adaptation to schools.

At Join My Village, we believe that with a quality education, a girl is equipped to adopt health lifestyles, protect herself from HIV/AIDS and other STI, and take an active role in social and economic decision making as they transition to adolescence and adulthood.

Educated girls can make better choices in life, and likely to have fewer children, be informed about appropriate child rearing practices and ensure that their children start school and are ready to learn.

The construction of female teacher’s houses and provision of reference materials to primary schools, introduction of Village Saving and Loan Associations and provision of scholarship to secondary school girls in Kasungu district, are Join My Villages’ strategies toward creating a better future for rural girls where they can claim hopes of independence and the ability to earn a livelihood or of making economic contributions to their households.