One Hand is Not Enough

An effective project is one which its goals are well set and explained and where all parties participate with a purpose. The construction of female teacher’s house by Join My Village in Kasungu has faced little or no resistance from the participating communities because it was well planned during the project’s inception that we all have a role.
It is not surprising though that members of the communities know their roles in every mini-project of Join My Village and house construction being one. The women know that they have to fetch water, men have to do the mixing of water, sand and cement and the builders have to make sure that the house is as admirable as it is to attract young and energetic female teachers who will be role models to the girls. An autonomous connection!
When Join My Village was being launched in Malawi in 2009, it clearly stated that it aims at improving the performance and access to education especially for a girl child through the construction of female teacher houses. With this in mind the communities surrounding our targeted primary schools had to put behind their community differences and stay connected together towards educating a girl child.
It is very encouraging to see our members in the community having divisions of labour and monitoring each other’s failure and successes in order to have their community changed. It goes like this: a builder who is also from within the community will always ask village heads for the supply of local materials such as sand, bricks and water. The women will demand the availability of men to do the mixing of sand and cement and also help in the delivery of bricks to the artisans/builders while men look to women for the supply of water and collection of bricks from various moulding places to the construction places. Join My Village will have to provide purchased materials like sand, cement, labor payment for the local artisan and all monetary support and together we track the progress!
Within these connections, Join My Village has managed to build 20 beautiful female teacher’s houses with the every community demanding more. If it were not for all these hands joining forces, Join My Village would have been supplying Iron Sheets, timber/plunks, cement, Window panes, Glasses, and Paints among others in vain!
There is power and development in unity and our communities in Kasungu have really shown that they are geared for a long lasting change.