The Art of Our Scholarship Girls for Mother’s Worldwide

Recently Join My Village asked girls in Malawi and India to create art work that could be used to make cards for Mother’s around the world. It was fun, it was imaginative and above all it was a true reflection of how creative our girls can be. The colorful images of mothers, villages and flowers were created by our girls as part of showing how passionate they are towards different things.
In Malawi, it was a free for all and when the day came, the girls took no time before their imaginations were exposed. They drew different things that showed things that made them happy including their home gardens, human behaviors, mothers love, education and spiritual issues. “I really like the idea Join My Village has come up with.   It has not only allowed me to be creative but it has also unveiled the potential in me,” said Apatsa Madziayenda, one of the students who took part in the activity. 
“Despite having different quality of these artwork each one of us has created, I really like the campaign”, explains Charity Bazale from Khola Community Day Secondary School (CDSS). There were different views by our girls when they were asked to express their excitement that they were given a chance to draw anything they like.
According to Loveness Mwale a girl from Santhe Secondary school who shared with us the picture of what her village looks like, this is what she felt she cannot  go back home without saying: “I think the campaign is a great idea and the art works are eye catching. They have definitely brightened us up! We all had fun in putting down our imagination to paper and hope everyone out there likes them.”  
It was fun and laughter when they were asked to show each other what they have drawn, many broke into laughter as they were trying to explain why they have decided to draw what they did. Some said:  they like the flowers, others said they are just putting to reality situations of day-to-day activities while others said Mothers sacrifice a lot to raise children.
It was a project that most of our girls were happy with –  some chose to draw under a tree while others chose to draw in class. More than 100 girls from different Secondary Schools under Join My Village scholarship in Malawi took part while girls from KGBV schools in India also created art work.  
Certain drawings were selected as Mother’s Day cards and note cards that are being used in the US, Malawi and India.  We are so proud of our young artists and invite you to come take a look at some of the great work they have done!