Leaving No Stone Unturned


If she is not in class teaching, then she is busy supervising people working in her day to day income generating works. She is a teacher and small farmer. She plies her trade carefully knowing she is here on the government ticket but she is also fully aware that the small salary provided by the government cannot support her and her dependants. She is Mrs. Elesiya Msowoya a female teacher teaching at one of the rural schools in Kasungu district.
“Money has never been enough to humans despite we teachers already being on lower list of government salaries, and again there is this devaluation which has also affected many but mostly us teachers,” said Mrs. Elesiya the Lingadzi primary school teacher. The explanation came when I was trying to find out as to why she, being a teacher, had thought of getting involved in farming business.

There are many teachers who feel they should not rely only on a government salary as it cannot serve all their needs. But can one go farming without finishing her work? This was my follow up question to this ever busy teacher. “Join My Village provided us with reference materials; we give assignments to pupils and let them use the books while we are with another class and when I am done with them all and see them off to their homes then I take my time off government duties” she answered me with confidence I have long known her with.
On her side, Elesiya went on to say she is able to go out to her farm because her preparation for work is now simplified because Join My Village gave them the reference materials and above all she has a home provided by Join My Village where she can safely store her treated maize.
Mrs. Atupele Panjo who is in Kasungu district for teaching agrees with Mrs. Msowoya. “The reference material  not only helps us to prepare lesson plans but also give us a spirit of hard working. Together with the beautiful house by Join My Village, they reduce some stress and motivate us to inspire our girls,” added Atupele who now enjoys the new home by Join My Village.
Despite the ever growing need for more reference materials, JMV is slowly but seriously assisting up to 20 rural primary schools in Kasungu district. In view of this, more than 11,000 thousand students in primary schools are already benefiting from the project.
There are a number of teachers who have a peace of mind because Join My Village provided their school with books and good houses where they can reside and so they are able to work without depression and can help develop themselves, the schools and their  communities.