Special Messages of Thanks from our Scholarship Girls


During my last visit to some of our Join My Village scholarship girls, I asked them if at all they had any special messages for Join My Village followers. The place was quiet as the girls tried to think about what to say and perhaps, they did not expect me to ask them this question.

“Tell them they should come down to Malawi and let’s share the experience.  Because we know that we are great friends who have never met but wish each other good,” Catherin Napoleon, a form 4 student, broke the silence. Her answer brought lots of laughter amongst her fellow girls but more importantly, brought confidence in them to start opening up.

“Tell them we are very proud to be on their scholarship program because giving each one of us education is like educating the whole nation,” said the ever smiling Maria Kamwendo who has just finished her first year in Kafukule secondary school.

Some of the girls told me to say hi to everybody and wished you could join them one day during their dinner, lunch or breakfast so that together you can enjoy the food they eat at their respective schools. With this statement, I knew the girls have now relaxed and they have the feeling that I am there to communicate on their behalf. There were lots of crazy messages that reflected how happy and grateful the girls are to have Join My Village and how much they want to know more about you!

“Wishing you all the best so that you continue helping others,” said Jean Phiri. While Judith Phiri asks me to tell you that she wants Join My Village fans to be having exchange visits with her, Jenifer Godfrey jokingly said she wants to see where you stay!

 Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not presenting it. Our girls certainly realize this with a lot of truth in what they say because an honest gesture of thanks always has a strong, positive, and lasting effect on the person in the receiving end.

The last message that made me smile is the message from Harriet Chenembu who said what Join My Village is doing is not only benefiting them as girls but also bringing respect to the parents from the community. “My message to them is that while they give us school fees, let them pray for us too so that we do better in our studies. Because when we are educated, our parents will be respected because they have an educated daughter who will also be the pride of the village,” explained Harriet who is finishing her first year in secondary school.

I believe that communicating your appreciation for someone, or something that someone did, you may have begun a positive chain of events. Because of the surge of positive emotions that your “thank you” has given your recipient, he or she may just feel the urge to pass it on to another and that other person may do the same. Therefore, it is through these messages from our girls that we learn to appreciate the great impact your time and support gives to them.

So take their thanks and spread it around!  By sharing this gift around the world and expressing appreciation for someone special in your life, you can strengthen the bond between you.  What a great impact we can have together!