As I Fare You Well


So far so near! I still can’t believe that the girls, I have been meeting in the corridors of secondary schools, will no longer be around to greet me – they have graduated from secondary school and are now starting a new life.

After four years of secondary school, every girl has her own story to tell; some good some bad. They might forget some of their moments while at school but the sun will not set before they recount all that’s good about Join My Village. I was excited by how eager the girls were to convey their last messages to me when I gave them a chance to do so.

“As we are set to part, I can’t  go without saying something to my friends and Join My Village as well because I know with any doubt that Join My Village brought us together and for me to reach this far,  has been a combined effort; my friends, my teachers, my parents and above all JMV in the lead. I wish to say that I have been diversely educated while in school; since my childhood, I was not good at making friends and enjoyed being alone, but today I am the opposite. I have friends all over the school and this will make it hard for me to cope when I go back to the village – I will miss them! I have also learned to be a good decision-maker and being patient because good things come to people who persevere” said Rhoda Alfred with a hat of respect on her head.

Time flies so fast, such that my memories cannot catch up with it. But memories are still fresh for some girls who visited the corridors of the higher education institutions like the University of Malawi on an educational tour. The visit also exposed the girls to the things they never thought about at their stage in life. They met people who inspired them and it is without doubt that even if they go back to their respective homes and villages, they will live to remember. Jennifer Godfrey also chimes in saying; “It has been a journey with lots of good things we never thought would come at this particular point and stage. We never thought we would brush shoulders with educated women and walk in their offices. It is something that I won’t stop reminding my friends whenever we meet out there, no matter how long it might take before we meet, but it shall remain fresh every time we sit together.”

“Now, as I fare you well, I can’t hide my excitement for the treasure you have invested in me. You have given me knowledge which no one can take away and it shall belong to me no matter what,” said Charity Bazale a close friend of Jennifer Godfrey.