Meet our New Scholar!


First – reference materials help her learn.  Then, she gets a scholarship.  Now, she is a student at Kafukule secondary school. Harriet Chenembu is her name.
Born in a family of six children, with only one being a boy, Harriet is very proud to be on JMV scholarship and sees her journey into becoming a nurse so promising. This best friend of Gloria Masina hails from Tundula village and did her primary school at Lingadzi before being selected to Kafukule secondary school. She is shy but so determined to learn.
Quizzed on what does being on scholarship means to her, Harriet did not hide her excitement as she states; “you know the ability to be educated starts with self esteem but having a readily available support is like kindling ones potential.  So while I have the hunger for quality education and aim high, scholarship brings me hope to rich levels I am dreaming for,” said the shy looking girl who enjoys helping her mother with household chores.
Harriet is one of the seven girls that were selected from our popular Lingadzi primary school where Join My Village provided reference materials. In my first interview with her when she was in grade seven some three years ago, Harriet looked so determined and was so proud that her school received the reference materials which she said will make the best use of it so that she can one day join the scholarship program. True to her words, Harriet is one of the successes Join My Village has produced thanks to reference materials. While she moves into the scholarship program, she is already thinking of the four years ahead of her. She is a girl who is strong in Physical science, English, Biology and Mathematics which makes her feel very confident that one day she will wear a nursing uniform.
Like Alice Mkonda, Harriet also enjoys the session of her English teacher Mr. Phiri who is also her favorite. As a netball fan, Harriet sometimes could not come to terms with her mother as she could not encourage her to be involved in the sport for fear of risking her future by breaking her bone. “I like playing netball but my mum does not want me to, she always thinks about my educational future despite me explaining to her that sports is also education,” explains the fifteen year old.
Determination is the word and being focused is the principle I would describe for Harriet. Throughout my interaction with her, I have uncovered what her shy looking face cannot reveal. And when she says something no matter how simple and small it might look, she always values it.
Harriet is like a child born and bred by Join My Village who is being seen climbing the ladder to her better future. First, she maximized the use of reference materials and made it to secondary school and now she has joined the 800+ girls under our scholarship program. Seeing girls progressing with confidence is what Join My Village is for. We feel that the girls have the potential which needs support because most of these girls in Malawi and India are being discouraged by the unsupportive environment that surrounds them.