Field News

Our Bond Has Seen Rhoda Through

When we first introduced Rhoda Chaima to you in 2009, little did we know then that she would become the woman that she is today.  She has succeeded despite the demoralizing environment that most girls face in the rural communities of Kasungu. Many would succumb to the pressure to get...Read more

Kamtimbo School Management Committee Acting in a Bee Formation

“They have been waiting for you at the site of resource mobilization and you can go and meet them there,” said one of the teachers as we approached. “Do you need an escort?” he went on to inquire– typical of the Malawian hospitality. When we finally arrived at our destination,...Read more

Mentoring the Mentor

Even the best teachers need guidance once in a while. Basanti is a JMV mentor for the adolescent group in her village Mirzapur and while she is now a strong, skilled and a confident mentor, who was unanimously elected by the girls of Rashmi adolescent group to serve as their...Read more

Giving 10 Young Women the Opportunity to Become Teachers

For girls and women in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, life options are often limited to receiving little or no formal education, facing early and/or forced marriages, and raising families in grinding poverty.   When I visited Africa for the first time, I met so many young...Read more

Not Just Scholarships, We Connect Them to Get Inspired

It was time to take the girls away from the books and connect them to women who are striving for a better life. There were faces of mixed description – some with looks of curiosity, not knowing what to expect while others were excited for this once in a lifetime...Read more