Field News

Give Me a Dime and I Will Give You a Future

In search of a cool and warm land breeze, we sat in the direct sunlight. As I checked the time I was surprised that it was just after noon, by the look of outside it could have been just after sunrise. Once settled she started with an introduction, “I am...Read more

I Can't Wait to be a Mother

Dressed in a pink saree, 20 year old Manju sits quietly in the Mothers’ Group meeting at Sikhona village in Barabanki, where Join My Village supports the Maternal and Neonatal Health Program.  She is now seven months pregnant – her third after suffering two miscarriages. Her demeanor is happy with...Read more

When School is More Fun than Vacation

It’s a lazy spring afternoon at the school in Behrampur village of Balrampur district and the girls are done with their classes for the day.It’s now time for their monthly adolescent group meeting and the excitement is evident. The girls were unable to meet for the past two months because...Read more

She is the Hub that Spins the Whole Community

You may have read about her stories in the past, but you may have not realized that she is a mother to her own community. Name any institution in her village and the surrounding community, they will tell you she is a member if not a leader of one of...Read more

The Scorching Sun is the Hands Down Winner for These Girls

When asked about their favorite season, the girls at Pachpedva Forest KGBV in Balrampur responded enthusiastically:  Summer!The KGBV school, where Join My Village supports the Girls’ Education Program, is currently sharing the campus with another government school. The school building is in the middle of a dense forest in a...Read more