Field News

Next for Immaculate

Some girls might have been at home helping their parents with house chores, but for Immaculate Kalenga, thinking of what her future looks like, has always been the most important thing. Immaculate has been sitting for different entrance examinations to secure her a place in one of the institutions of...Read more

Never Compromise on Self-Respect

Good things come in small packages. This has proven to be true for Jyoti, who is a village health worker. Barely 5 feet tall, this mother of two has seen more downs than ups in life. Her alcoholic father abandoned his family when Jyoti was very young and she was...Read more

Jenifer's First Year at University

I eagerly set out on the 30 minute drive to meet with Jenifer Godfrey in her home village – a small community near a river where she lives with her aunts.  Jenifer started at University last year, the first in her family or community to achieve such an accomplishment. We...Read more

Determined to Learn

On our second day in the field, we received some concerning news:  Shabnam Jahan, the student whose success at her KGBV school had been followed by Join My Village’s team for the past couple of years, was very ill and would not be able to meet us. Furthermore, she lives...Read more

Harriet Chenembu Dreams of Becoming a Nurse

Harriet Chenembu, now 16 and a student at Kafukule secondary school, vows that she will go to any length to become a nurse. When she closes her eyes, she sees herself in a nursing uniform, epaulette and cap, assisting patients in her community.While she appreciates that there are a lot...Read more