Field News

Against all Odds, Alice Anderson is a Step Away from her Dream

Driven by a passion to serve her community, 20 year old Alice Anderson is just a step away from becoming a true role model to the girls and the women in her community. “When I graduated from Santhe secondary school, I started volunteering as a teacher at one of my...Read more

Girls Come Together to Chart New Ground

The girls of Daniyalpur village in Barabanki are breaking new grounds. Daniyalpur is one of the villages where Join My Village recently expanded its Maternal and Neonatal health program to incorporate adolescent health issues. As in the Girls’ Leadership Program, here too, Join My Village works through adolescent girls’ groups formed...Read more

Creating a New Generation of Teachers and Nurses

Young women who graduate from secondary school in Malawi have already accomplished more than many of their peers and their mothers, aunts, sisters and others before them. A certificate of education is a step away from early marriage and motherhood… but towards what?  Where can they go after secondary school;...Read more

Inspiring Girls to Spread their Wings and Fly

Udaan is the Hindi word for “to fly” and is also the name of a unique and innovative school system in India, supported by CARE across India and with support from Join My Village in two locations, one in Uttar Pradesh and the other in Haryana province. When I visited...Read more

Next for Immaculate

Some girls might have been at home helping their parents with house chores, but for Immaculate Kalenga, thinking of what her future looks like, has always been the most important thing. Immaculate has been sitting for different entrance examinations to secure her a place in one of the institutions of...Read more