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Giving Girls in India a Second Chance at Education

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Join My Village supports a variety of CARE projects in Malawi and India year-round. Each click, like or share helps release funds for these projects to empower women and girls in these countries, up to $1.2 million by December 31, 2013. Read More

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Of the millions of children around the world who never get the chance to attend school, two thirds are girls. Most live in poverty, working to support their families at the expense of their own learning. They may have never attended school or may have dropped out before completing the primary level of education.

Join My Village and CARE India are working to open new educational options for girls. From boarding programs with accelerated learning programs for girl students to government-run schools that serve isolated and minority communities with low female literacy rates, we’re helping to support resources that allow girls to continue their educations beyond primary schooling.  

Join My Village currently supports an Udaan school near New Delhi
Residential Udaan "camps" such as this one provide a tight-knit community-oriented style of education that brings students up to a fifth-grade level in just 11 months. This accelerated learning program, piloted and refined by CARE, targets girls age 10-14 who are at extreme social and economic risk and who have dropped out or never attended school. After completing the program, 89% go onto secondary school, and eventually college. 

Join My village supports Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalay (KGBV) schools in India
Government-run boarding schools that use a much more interactive teaching style than traditional Indian schools. Since the students often come from a variety of educational backgrounds, teachers must be more flexible and creative in their approaches. And by training the teachers how to help the girls succeed, the educators themselves also become more confident and help encourage the girls to participate in and out of the classroom. JMV also supports special "bridge" programs that help female students gain important social skills, including working in groups, problem solving, critical thinking, persistence in the face of difficulty and respect for others and themselves. These skills help female students transition to the KGBV schools quickly and successfully during the first few months of enrollment. The bridge programs have been so noteworthy that they are now mandatory in all KGBVs in Uttar Pradesh. 

By providing educational opportunities for girls from even the most challenging backgrounds and ensuring that teachers are prepared to teach effectively, Join My Village and CARE are helping these girls prepare for secondary school and a better life.  

You can help Join My Village support educational programs in India, just by watching and sharing this video.