Maternal Health

Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery for Women in India

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Join My Village supports a variety of CARE projects in Malawi and India year-round. Each click, like or share helps release funds for these projects to empower women and girls in these countries, up to $1.2 million by December 31, 2013. Read More

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Every day, nearly 1,000 expectant mothers die; 98 percent of them in poor countries.  In 2010, approximately 20% of the world’s maternal and newborn deaths took place in India, an incredibly high number in spite of the country’s large population.

When a mother dies her family breaks apart. Her children are less likely to go to school, get immunized against diseases and eat well. The good news: Most maternal deaths can be prevented.

Join My Village and CARE are working closely with expectant mothers, as well as their communities, to provide prenatal education and ensure that women have the knowledge and support they need to survive childbirth and remain with their families. Through awareness and advocacy, community mobilization and household empowerment services, our maternal and child health programs are helping women in India get the help they need to have a safer pregnancy and birthing experience.

JMV also partners with government health workers from the same social backgrounds as our target population, encouraging them to become role models. This year, JMV is also expanding our program to reach adolescent girls in order to educate them early on about maternal health issues so that they will grow up to become healthy and empowered women.

You can help Join My Village support maternal health programs in India, just by watching and sharing this video.