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Join My Village supports a variety of CARE projects in Malawi and India year-round. Each click, like or share helps release funds for these projects to empower women and girls in these countries, up to $1.2 million by December 31, 2013. Read More

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Educational opportunities in Malawi are limited by poverty, which means schools often have insufficient facilities and materials; and children, especially girls, aren’t able to attend school. Through our Primary School Support project, here are some ways Join My Village is working to improve schools and give more girls the chance to receive an education:

Female Teacher Housing
Teachers are among the worst-paid government employees in Malawi and they often have poor quality housing. In some cases, they have no place to live at all. As a result, promising educators may shy away from job openings at rural primary schools where their skills are greatly needed. Female teachers are at a particular disadvantage when housing is not available or if it is unsafe for a woman to live near the school. Since 2009, Join My Village has constructed 26 houses, 21 of which are occupied by female teachers. These teachers serve as role models and counselors to their students and their hard work increases the likelihood that girls will stay in school, complete their primary school education and transition to secondary school.

Classroom Block Construction
Schools often lack classrooms and children are accustomed to studying outdoors. In Kasungu district this is no exception, and in the rainy season in particular, the lack of classrooms can be detrimental to learning. Join My Village is supporting the construction of three classroom blocks. Each will include two classrooms and will provide nearly 200 desks for students. Girls will now have a place to sit and study, which in turn will help them feel more welcome in school and inspire them to continue their education.

Sanitation Block Construction
The lack of sanitation and hygiene in schools is another reason for girls’ absenteeism from school. With little or no safe, private restroom facilities, many girls to stay home from school, especially during their menstrual cycles. Join My Village has constructed seven sanitary blocks and 60 latrines in 20 primary schools in rural Kasungu to help ensure that these students have sanitary facilities.

Reference Materials
Education is not possible without basic materials. Since 2009, Join My Village has provided essential reference materials to 20 primary schools, including English grammar books, dictionaries and maps. By equipping teachers to teach, and students to learn, Join My Village is strengthening education in Malawi and giving young people their best chance at a future full of opportunity and continued education.

You can help us send donations to CARE to help support teachers in Malawi by watching and sharing our slideshow.