Celebrating strong girls

Najma with Udaan students

Since 2009, we’ve featured hundreds of stories of girls who have struggled for their right to an education and to overcome the pressures of society. Here are just a few of the girls who have found the strength to become students, mentors and inspirations to their community.

Ruth MwaleRuth Mwale - The girl who dreams of becoming a nurse after finishing school
Ruth is 15 years old and is proud to be a student at Kafukule Community Day Secondary school. Being the second born in a family of six children, Ruth enjoys English as her best subject.
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Asmeena says Join My Village’s support changed her life by introducing her to the world of education at Udaan. She has found an inspiring environment where she has been given wings to fly.
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L-to-R-Sarita,-Lalli-and-Gayatri6Gayatri, Sarita and Lalli
What strikes me the most about sisters Gayatri, Sarita and Lalli is not just their unfettered behaviour but also their beautiful and whole-hearted laughter that they share openly with others.
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GHA-2015-MS-289Fuseina Issah
Fuseina Issah is a student in grade six at Nsuta Nyamebekyere junior high school. She’s 13 years old and her favorite class is English.
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I-came-to-Santhe-as-Mwai-Banda-but-I-am-goin-back-as-a-mentor-and-a-leader---Mwai-BandaMwai Banda
When I first met Mwai Banda some five year ago, little did I know that she would experience a significant transformation thanks to support from Join My Village.
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Roshanjahan is currently a 14 year old ninth grader at Mili Islamic School. Last year she graduated from a Join My Village supported school, KGBV Jarwal, in Uttar Pradesh, India.
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Poonam-Devi4Poonam Devi
Poonam Devi is a member of a Join My Village Girls’ Collective called Gulab Kishori Samooh in Sravasti, Uttar Pradesh. Poonam tells me, “I come here to learn so I can get ahead in life.”
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Enala-Banda---standing-just-metres-away-from-her-villageEnala Banda
For most of the students at Linyangwa secondary school walking long distances is an unfortunate fact of life. Enala Banda, a student at Linyangwa secondary school, walks 10 kilometres each way to attend school.
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The-awards-Alinafe-received-during-her-secondary-school-days-gave-hope-that-she-will-excellAlinafe Kayuwe
Alinafe is the first child in her family of seven siblings to go to University where she will study for a Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management at Mzuzu University. While in secondary school, Alinafe dreamed of being an accountant.
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As is often the case with Udaan students and their parents, Join My Village field staff initially had a hard time convincing Wasima’s parents to send her to Udaan in 2013. They soon realized the importance of education for their daughter.
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1-03-2014-Malawi-Rhoda-making-lunchRhoda Chaima
The last time I saw Rhoda at Santhe secondary school, she was preparing to sit for her form four exams, and today we celebrated what she had promised me she would do: pass the exams.
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1-sanvli-IMG_2250Sanvli Devi
Portraying a shy personality when she meets me for the first time, 16 year old Sanvli Devi is actually a rather brave, confident young girl filled with determination and courage to stand up for her rights.
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CIV-2015-MS-119Lucie Hien Eri
Lucie Hien Eri, 6, is in her first year as a student here. She likes going to school because she likes playing with the other students, and she is happy in the morning to put on her uniform and go to school.
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Shaphiqun6Shaphiqun Nisha
Since its inception, Shaphiqun has been the mentor of Ekta Kishori Samooh in Bardehra village of Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh. She says, “As a mentor I tell the younger girls whatever I have learned so far at Join My Village’s meetings.
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