A Big Step Forward for First-Time Students


Romaric Pooda Sanssan, 6, is in his first year of school in Yaobabrikro, Côte d’Ivoire but his classroom this year looks quite different than the school in which he will continue to learn. Romaric’s teacher currently teaches two grade levels in the same classroom by using two different blackboards for the students’ lessons. However, a new school is being built next door which will provide additional classroom space as well as housing for the teachers.

CIV-2015-MS-119Lucie Hien Eri, 6, is also in her first year as a student here. She likes going to school because she likes playing with the other students, and she is happy in the morning to put on her uniform and go to school.


The teacher uses two blackboards to teach two grade levels in the same classroom

Yaobabrikro is a village made up almost exclusively of cocoa farmers. Before CARE became involved, villagers would take their non enrolled children into the cocoa farms with them during the day instead of sending them to school. That has begun to change.

CIV-2015-MS-125Thanks to community efforts, as well as support from CARE and Join My Village programs, the new school will be large enough to support 43 surrounding communities. The school will include three classrooms, one Director’s office, four toilet blocks, one canteen, and one clean water storage facility to supply water for the canteen. Three new teachers’ houses will also be built nearby.

It’s a great step forward for students like Romaric and Lucie!