A Mother’s Struggle is Not a Deterrent to Education


Being a parent is no easy job – and single parenting is even more challenging. Seventh grader Hasimun Nisa’s mother Jaheera Begum is the single mother of six children. In addition to managing all of the family’s responsibilities, she also makes sure her children go to school. With just an eighth grade education herself, Jaheera enrolled 13-year old Hasimun in the Join My Village supported KGBV school, Nautala, in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh.


Hasimun is enrolled at the KGBV school

The toughest time in Jaheera’s life was undoubtedly when her husband passed away nine years ago. She says, “I used to work as a labourer and my eldest daughter Shabnam used to help take care of all the children at home.” Now, Shabnam is an 18 year old mother of two children. She attended school through tenth grade.


Hasimun with classmates at her school

Hasimun’s favourite subject is Hindi and she says she has a deep desire to teach others. She even teaches her 10-year old brother Gufran Hindi and math. Jaheera says, “I will let her study as long as she wants to, and only then marry her off.” Both mother and daughter tell me that they are extremely glad to be receiving the support of Join My Village by enabling Hasimun to pursue her education at KGBV.


An example of the content students create for magazines and news bulletins

Hasimun and other girls at this school have developed school magazines as a way to express their creative spirit. The magazines carry poems, stories and drawings which reflect the girls’ thoughts and feelings and the students themselves manage the design and production of the magazine. This has been made possible by Join My Village, through CARE, by initiating leadership curriculum as part of the school time table, which is benefitting 1299 students across 13 KGBVs in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. Though timid, Hasimun is now able to share feelings through written words about many things, thanks to Join My Village.